The Role of a Team Leader

Status Of The Programme: 
Purpose of the Programme: 

This programme is designed for junior managers of organisations to gain insight into the role of leadership within the work context and to raise moral standards as a counter to potential or real corruption within a work context.

Program Outcomes: 
Program OutcomesLevelCredits

On completion of this programme learners will be able to:
• Explain the concept of leadership.
• Differentiate between the concepts of leadership and management.
• Apply leadership techniques to individuals and teams within the work context.
• Evaluate the impact of leadership techniques applied.
• Explain the concept of ethics in relation to the “moral compass”.
• Describe the role of a code of conduct in a work environment according to ethical principles.
• Uphold the code of conduct within the work team.

Programme Outline: 

• The Concept of Leadership.
• The Difference between the Concepts of Leadership and Management.
• Leadership Techniques.
• Evaluate the Impact of the Leadership Technique Applied.
• The Concept of Ethics in Relation to the “Moral Compass” and the Code of Conduct.
• Uphold the Code of Conduct within the Work Team.

Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

Delegates who wish to enroll on this programme should be competent in Communication at NQF Level 4.


Training Programme Duration: 3 Days.

Assessment: Learners will be formatively assessed in the classroom by means of activities.

Certification: Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the programme.

Target Group: 

• Team Leaders
• Supervisors
• Foremen
• Section heads
• Junior managers
• Any person, who works in a business environment, and needs to gain insight into the role of leadership