Emotional Intelligence

Status Of The Programme: 
Purpose of the Programme: 

The purpose of this programme is to introduce the principles of Emotional Intelligence, heighten the employees’ self-awareness and to grow the management of self and relationship with others and to learn how to lead using the Emotional Intelligence framework.

Program Outcomes: 
Program Outcomes

On completion of this programme learners will be able to:
• Develop the ability to accurately perceive, understand and accept one self.
• Be aware of and understand your emotions.
• Become self-reliant and free of emotional dependency on others.
• Have social awareness and the ability to build interpersonal relationships.
• Be aware of and understand how others feel.

Programme Outline: 

• Self-Awareness.
• Self-Management.
• Social Awareness.
• Relationship Management.

Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

Delegates who wish to enroll on this programme should be competent in Communication Skills Level 3.


Training Programme Duration: 2 Days

Assessment: Learners will be formatively assessed in the classroom by means of activities.

Certification: Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the programme.

Target Group: 

Any person in the workplace or personal life who wishes to grow the management of self and the relationship with others.