Business Unit Planning

Status Of The Programme: 
Purpose of the Programme: 

This programme is designed for the leaders of organisations who are responsible for steering business units, ensuring their
profitability and making strategic decisions.

Program Outcomes: 
Program OutcomesLevelCredits

On completion of this programme learners will be able to:
• Define a business unit.
• Identify and develop the objectives of a business unit.
• Formulate a plan to meet the objectives.
• Implement the plan.
• Evaluate the results.

Programme Outline: 

• Define a Business Unit.
• Identify and Develop Objectives of a Business Unit.
• Formulate a Plan.
• Implement the Plan.
• Evaluate Results.

Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

Delegates who wish to enroll on this programme should be competent in Communication at NQF Level 4.


Training Programme Duration: 1 Day.

Assessment: Learners will be formatively assessed in the classroom by means of activities.

Certification: Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the programme.

Target Group: 

• Any person, who works in a business environment, and needs to be involved in business unit planning
• Team leaders
• Supervisors
• Foremen
• Section heads
• Junior managers
• Any person fulfilling a management role
• Middle managers
• Project managers