Assertive Communication

Status Of The Programme: 
Purpose of the Programme: 

The purpose of this programme is to equip the learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to identify assertive
behaviour, realise the value thereof and apply assertiveness techniques in the workplace.

Program Outcomes: 
Program OutcomesLevelCredits

On completion of this programme learners will be able to:
• Identify assertive behaviour and discuss the advantages
• Understand the importance of assertiveness as an important tool to use to communicate effectively
• Use different techniques to be assertive

Programme Outline: 

• The concept assertiveness
• Different types of assertive behaviour
• Advantages of assertive behaviour
• Different ways of communicating with fellow-workers
• Different assertiveness techniques
• Strengths and weaknesses of different techniques

Learning Assumed to be in Place: 

Delegates who wish to enroll on this programme should be competent in listening, speaking, reading and writing on NQF
level 3.


Training Programme Duration: 1 Day.

Assessment: Learners will be formatively assessed in the classroom by means of activities.

Certification: Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance after completion of the programme.

Target Group: 

Any person, who works in a business environment, and needs to communicate in an assertive manner with clients and fellow