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The program outlines that follow, provide the potential delegate with important information regarding the learning assumed to be in place, if recognition of prior learning is allowed, what the training will cover and what will be required for assessment. Delegates are encouraged to mix and match Programs to suit their own development needs.

FOR OCCUPATIONAL CERTIFICATES AND LEARNERSHIPS: You need to register first / Then Apply for your programme / All Applications received by Khulisane Academy will be evaluated and successful Applicants will receive confirmation of registration for the programme via e-mail. Invoices will only be send to successful Applicants manually, after the evaluation process.

FOR SKILLS PROGRAMMES, SHORT COURSES AND EVENTS / WORKSHOPS: You need to register first / Then make Payment for your programme / All Registrations & Payments received by Khulisane Academy will be confirmed. Successful Delegates will receive confirmation and further detail of the programme via e-mail.

Special Package Deals

CRAZY COMBO DEAL - Facilitator, Assessor & Moderator


Further Education and Training Certificate: Business Administration Services Level 4 (SAQA ID: 61595)
Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation Level 4 (SAQA ID: 66249)
National Certificate: Generic Management Level 4 (SAQA ID: 57712)
National Certificate: Generic Management Level 5 (SAQA ID: 59201)
National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME) Level 2 (SAQA ID: 49648)
National Certificate: OD ETD Practices Level 5 (SAQA ID: 50334)
National Certificate: OD ETD Practices Level 6 (SAQA ID: 50331)

Occupational Certificates

Occupational Certificate: Career Development Information Officer Level 5 (SAQA ID: 96322)
Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer Level 6 (SAQA ID: 91671)
Occupational Certificate: Management Assistant Level 5 (SAQA ID: 101876)
Occupational Certificate: Occupational Trainer Level 4 (SAQA ID: 97154)
Occupational Certificate: Office Administrator Level 5 (SAQA ID: 102161)
Occupational Certificate: Organisational Risk Practitioner Level 6 (SAQA ID: 94222)
Occupational Certificate: Project Manager Level 5 (SAQA ID: 101869)
Occupational Certificate: Training and Development Practitioner Level 5 (SAQA ID: 101321)
Occupational Part Qualification: Foundational Learning Competence Level 2 (SAQA ID: 88895)

Skills Programmes

Business Administration Development
Module 1 Time Management BA
Module 2 Stock Management
Module 3 Office Management
Module 4 Report Writing BA
Module 5 Business Ethics
Module 6 Manage Service Providers
Module 7 Budgeting BA
Module 8 Personal Effectiveness
Module 9 Reception Skills
Module 10 Personal Assistant
Module 11 Financial Management
Module 12 Human Resource Management
Module 13 Project Management BA
ETDP Development
Module 1 Workplace Coaching
Module 1 Skills Development Facilitator
Module 2 Facilitation Skills
Module 2 Advanced Facilitator
Module 3 Assessment Practices
Module 3 Skills Committee Training (Separation Scientific - Closed Group)
Module 3 Workplace Assessor for Compliance Managers AND Risk Managers
Module 3 Skills Committee Training
Module 3 Assessor
Module 3 Moderator
Module 4 Managing Skills Development
Module 4 Q M S
Module 5 Learning Advisor
Module 5 Standard Setting
Module 5 Coaching and Mentoring
Module 6 Learning Material Design & Developer
Module 6 Evaluate the ETD Cycle
Entrepreneurial Development
Module 1 Entrepreneurship
Module 2 Business Planning
Module 3 Business Finance
Module 4 Business Development
Module 5 Business Management
Module 6 Negotiation Skills
Module 7 Human Resources & Labour Relations
Module 8 Team Building
Module 9 Basic Computer Skills
Module 10 Effective Tendering
Supervisory Development
Module 1 Planning and Goal Setting
Module 2 Time Management
Module 3 Team Building
Module 4 Junior Management Skills (Separation Scientific - Closed Group)
Module 4 Leadership
Module 5 Meeting Skills
Module 6 Budgeting GM
Module 7 Customer Service
Module 8 Problem Solving
Module 9 Administration Management
Junior Management Development
Module 1 Team Strategies and Plans
Module 2 Manage Risk, Knowledge, Finance and Ethics
Module 3 Lead and Manage Teams
Module 4 Monitor and Measure Performance
Module 5 People Development
Module 6 Manage Relationships

Short Courses

Achieving Personal Effectiveness
Assertive Communication
Building a High Performing Team
Building a Personal Brand
Business Communication
Business Presentation Skills
Business Unit Planning
Change Management Models
Coaching Skills
Courageous Conversation
Creative Expressions for Managers
Critical Thinking through the Game of Chess
Customer Awareness
Delivery Service Excellence
Diversity Management
Effective Meetings
Emotional Intelligence
Event Co-ordinating
HIV / Aids Awareness
HIV / Aids Peer Educator
How to STOP Procrastinating and START Managing
Manage Personal Finances
Managing with Intent - HOW to be a Professional Manager
Maximising your Capacity
Occupational Health and Safety Training
Occupational Learning System (OLS)
Personal Mastery - Awareness to Brilliance
Report Writing Skills
Sales Management
Self-Branding and Networking
Skills for a Good Project Workout
Telephone Skills
The P O L C (Planning, Organising, Leading & Control) Management
The Role of a Team Leader
Work-Life Balance